The World's First
Dispenser to Purify & Infuse your Tap Water to Create the Perfect Drinks.

Compact and elegant, Bello Home will perfectly fit your kitchen. Indeed, you deserve to get premium beverages.


Bello Home purifies your tap water and infuses it with valuable ingredients, while taking care of your health and the environment.


By removing over 66 contaminants of the water, we provide you a delicious and pure water experience.


18x Cleaner
than your old water pitcher

Replaces over 2000
water bottles


Valuable Ingredients
Real juices, minerals, vitamins into your water


Exceptional Taste

A new hydration solution for you and your family.

Bello allows your family to create their own healthy water at home. We thoughtfully design, create a sustainable way to consume, and connect people to their hydration routine. 


—Turns tap water into refreshing great-tasting water. 

One activated carbon filter to remove bad tastes and over 35 contaminants.


— Infuse water with pods to revels all the flavors and benefits.
We have concentrated the best ingredients into pods, to easily enhance your water with perfection.

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Choisissez votre Pod
Créez votre propre eau 

Minéraux essentiels


  • Calcium

  • Magnésium

  • Potassium

  • Zinc

  • Le fer

  • Sélénium

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Sip Pure & Flavored Water At Home


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